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Our School Counselors

Patricia Toliver
School Counselor Director
10th-12th: A-B

Leslie Davis
School Counselor
10th-12th: St-Z

Kevin Deeter
School Counselor
10th-12th: C-E

Jenelle Howard
School Counselor
9th:  N-Z

Michael Keim
School Counselor
10th-12th: Ho-L & ECP

Mara Kiehl
School Counselor
10th-12th: F-Hi

Ashley Knowles
School Counselor
10th-12th: M-Pe

Benjamin Miller
School Counselor
9th: H-M

Tiffany Ravenel
School Counselor
11th -12th: MTSS & Retained

Sarah Stewart
School Counselor
10th-12th: Ph-Sp

Darryl Tucker
Career Development Specialist

Jessica Wood
School Counselor
9th: A-G

Tyler Wynne
School Counselor
9th-10th: MTSS & Retained

High school is the final transition into adulthood, postsecondary education and the world of work as students begin separating from parents and exploring and defining their independence.

Students are deciding who they are, what they do well and what they will do when they graduate. During these adolescent years, students are evaluating their strengths, skills and abilities. 

source: The Essential Role of High School Counselors (PDF) by the American School Counselor Association